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SWISSCOIN               General Presentation French: Here

General Presentation: SwissCoin

1- SwissCoin is a new crypto-currency that is created by a Swiss company with several German partners. It is headed by Werner Marquetant a Swiss citizen.

Everything is done for SwissCoin become a reference currency.

SwissCoin like Bitcoin is primarily a digital cryptocurrency or currency.

That is, it is represented by complex mathematical algorithms as blockchain, ie digital data.

2- How to enjoy SwissCoin?

The first thing to do is register for FREE: HERE

As a welcome gift for any new member company offers 100 free swisscoin.

3- You have two options: Investment and bonus

1) Investment in cryptocurrency

Here are a membership packs swisscoin

free pack academic level 0

pack 25 € pack academic level 1

pack 50 € pack academic level 2

pack 100 € pack academic level 3

pack 250 € pack academic level 4

pack 500 € pack academic level 5

trader pack € 1,000 academic level 6 pack

crypto-trader € 2,500 academic level pack 7

crypto-maker € 5,000 package academic level 8

crypto-broker € 7,500 package academic level 9

crypto-manager € 10,000 academic level pack 10

crypto-director € 15,000 academic level pack 11

2) Network Marketing (MLM)

MLM SwissCoin is certainly one of the most profitable.

As we have said, it is initially not based on a binary system that spares him weak branches. Then, it has different types of successful compensation.


10% of what your referrals that buy you is donated.


If you have at least 2 first liners or 2 referrals each with at least a 50-pack test and have accumulated at least 5000BV in the first 30 days you get 10% more.

This bonus can only be used to buy packs and tokens.


This is probably the most interesting bonus.

Elligible as soon as you have 2 firts liners with at least one pack of 25 €. It is very easy to achieve.

All BV are cumulative for all the time and then you earn the% on the total of the team.

From 1000 BV bought you hit 2% and up to 10 million BV you hit 22% of the products bought in the team (besides your own)

This bonus is paid daily


You touch a% of the income of your own partners in 11 levels.

The percentage depends on the partner level.

diamond 1% of the worldwide turnover

40% repurchase rule.

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If you have any questions feel free to contact us: aytmait@gmail.com